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For over thirty years and well into our 2nd generation, KFLW has been a leading innovator of microscopic TIG and YAG laser welding services for various clients. Our client base varies from small job shops, to large corporations in both general and highly specialized categories. Some of these include plastic injection molds, biomedical, tire mold, aerospace, die cast, military, and many others.

Whether your microscopic laser welding needs involve fixing minor cosmetic damage on a single workpiece, or numerous parts requiring multiple repairs or engineering changes, KLFW has you covered.

As a valued client, you can be assured of several things from us:

  • A clear and concise understanding of your needs and requests before we proceed with your job.
  • Any welding done by us is completed only by competent, highly experienced craftsmen who are attentive in every detail to assure the best possible results – the first time.
  • Our focus on quality and attention to detail is total. KFLW uses only 100% inspection, 100% of the time.
  • Our reputation and livelihood depend on every job we complete for a client, no matter how small or large the client.
  • We understand that we are only as good as our last job! So we proceed with that mindset from the get-go of every job!

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A Message From the President

As President of Keller’s Fine-Line Welding, LLC, I want to extend to you an invitation to use our time, talent, and resources, for all your critical laser welding needs.

Be assured that your laser welding needs, whether they be small or large, simple or complex, will always be handled in a manner that is proactive, correct, as time efficient as possible, and in total discretion.

Sincerely, Kevin Keller

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