Keller’s Fine-Line Welding, LLC was established in 1988. Our founder, Kevin Keller has over 43 years’ experience in welding and welding technologies.

  • Total communication on front end and back end of every job
  • Supply customers’ requests through communication of each part of job
  • Many times, customers value KFLW welding knowledge and expertise, and ask for our recommendations to make repairs based on our experiences

KFLW provides the following welding services:

  • YAG Laser Welding
  • Micro TIG Welding Process
  • GTAW TIG Welding Process
  • GMAW MIG Welding Process
  • SMAW STICK Welding Process
  • Silver Soldering

Many times, customers will ask if they can wait for small jobs to be completed while their driver waits in our lobby or parking lot. Additionally, we have a large industrial facility that can accommodate big jobs up to a 10-ton capacity. Every job has a paper trail and the details are communicated by our great team!

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