Keller’s Welding: The Laser Authority

During the 1970’s and 1980’s the complexities of automotive, mold, biomedical, and tire molds drove the founding of KFLW, to find the answers to achieve the best possible repair to you our customers!

As the founder, I had the opportunity to advance myself to become the lead certified welder at a major plastic mold injection manufacturer in the 1980’s, failing many times on their dime to perfect our time tested approach and understanding all of our customers get to enjoy today, many of which our Fortune 500 companies!

  • 20-thousand-pound cavity and core halves
  • Corvette, Jaguar, Viper Hood Panels
  • Military components
  • Lens Grade Diamond Finishes

KFLW was doing laser-like welding in the mid-1980’s before there was laser welding in this country, period! The tenacity which drove KFLW to answer our customer’s needs became the results of welding complex surfaces with minimum shrinkage and great color match on a tool that wasn’t able to go through heat treatment. Developing the skill and techniques to laser-like weld on a razor’s edge .004 thick and not distort or discolor has allowed KFLW to develop into the The Laser Authority.

Promise to You the Customer

The Laser Authority respects each and every job that passes through our hands, treating all surfaces the same throughout each operation in our facilities as if it was our first new car. All fine finished parts are handled by expert craftsmen, with the right handling materials.

Customer Assured Results

Allowing our years of knowledge, we can determine the correct process to achieve the best results for your welding needs.

Your welding needs are determined in various ways:

  • The steel after heat treatment
  • The type of alloy to be welded
  • The geometry of the area to be welded
  • The process, or processes to a hardened heat-treated material
  • Customer desire for short term repair
  • Customer desire for long term repair

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